Do you need a cannabis writer?

If you own a business that deals with marijuana in any shape or form, you need a cannabis writer. Working with the right person will help you build trust with your customers and improve your Google rankings.

If you decide to work with me, you can expect all blog posts, ebooks, articles, and everything else I write to be:

  • Well Researched

  • SEO Friendly

  • Well Written (proofread by an editor)

  • Engaging

  • Delivered on Time



Everything I write is based on reliable sources, actual information, facts, and local laws and regulations. I will also use links from website with high domain authority.


I write for people, not just for computers. Your readers will know that your content's purpose is to help and support them, and not just for keywords.


All my texts are proofread by a professional, native English speaking editor. That way I can make sure the content you receive is finished and ready to be posted.


My texts are written and formatted in an SEO friendly way. I can help you research the best topics for your target group and provide content that will help you stand out from the competition. Google will notice.

Ghostwriting Services

I will write for you, and will not require any credit. The text I send is yours, and you can publish it on your website or your blog under your name.

I love cannabis, and my priority is to make sure the information you publish is reliable and helpful. If we want Marijuana to become, and remain, legal, we can not afford to spread unreliable and untrue content.

As long as I can help you provide high-quality content for your website and help you educate and support cannabis and CBD users, I do not need any credit.


I write SEO friendly articles that keep your customers engaged, happy, and informed.


I create long-form content, such as ebooks or Guides for new customers.


I find answers to your customers' questions. All in accordance with your local laws & regulations.


I can help you write product descriptions that will make it easier for your customers to select the right one for them.

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