I write about cannabis because

I love cannabis.

My journey with cannabis started in 2009 when I moved to the Netherlands to complete my Bachelor's and Master's Degree. It was wonderful to live in a place where cannabis could be bought over the counter and was socially accepted.

As a person with a soft spot for rules and structure (hence my love for SEO writing), living in the Netherlands gave me a chance to experience a world full of safe cannabis experiences.

Even though I moved out of the Netherlands 5 years later, my love for cannabis followed me everywhere I went. Since I moved to countries where using cannabis was considered a crime, I decided to learn about it. I followed the legalisation process in Canada and the US closely. I read books about the history of cannabis and studied scientific discoveries. The more I knew, the more ridiculous I found

cannabis prohibition to be.

Fast forward a few years, and I am now living in Denmark, where I quit my job at an innovation start-up to start Smells Like Business, a company focused on helping entrepreneurs and career seekers enter the legal cannabis industry, together with my business partner Tom Pettit.

I now spend most of my days creating content for Cannabis, CBD & Hemp companies worldwide. I create blog posts, articles, and guides about Cannabis, CBD and Hemps. I also write about various growing techniques (including growing at home).


Will I be writing for you too?

More about me

Zaneta Pacific from Smells Like Business winter headshot

Me thinking about answers to this Women Leading The Cannabis Industry interview.

A cannabis writer called Zaneta Pacific posing with a cannabis leaf

Hanging out with my best friend, back when leaving home was still ok.

Where am I?


Address: Fruebjergvej 3, 2100 Copenhagen, Denmark

email: zaneta@smellslikebusiness.com