Writing services for the Cannabis, CBD and Hemp industries in Europe, Canada and the US.

Writing About


I'm Zaneta Pacific

I write about cannabis for CBD brands and retailers, Cannabis grow shops & blogs, Hemp brands and producers, and anybody else who shares my love and passion for Cannabis.

My goal is to always provide content that is well-research, reliable, engaging, and genuine.

And yes, I know SEO. But more importantly, I know Cannabis.

My Services


I write SEO friendly articles that keep your customers and your readers engaged, happy, and informed.


I create long-form content, such as ebooks or guides about various products or cannabis growing techniques.


I find answers to your customers' questions and always follow your local laws & regulations.


I can write product descriptions that will make it easier for your customers to select the right one for them.

Zaneta Pacific, cannabis content creator


Contrary to what many people believe, cannabis does not sell itself.

New CBD brands and cannabis online shops are popping up every day. You are probably aware by now that if you want to stand out, you need to provide great content regularly. You probably tried writing it yourself but soon realised it is much harder than you think. The needs of your business make it nearly impossible to keep to a tight writing and publishing schedule, not to mention the constantly changing SEO rules.

How do you deal with this? Easy. You hire a cannabis writer.

A skilled cannabis writer can be the difference between you and your competition.

The most successful brands in the cannabis industry, an industry (known for being) notoriously difficult to advertise in, are the brands that are there for their customers.


A cannabis writer can make sure your website is full of reliable and informative content which will educate, support, and excite your clients.

If you want people to try something new, they need to trust you.

There are two things you have to do to build that trust.

  • Make an amazing product

  • Support and educate your customers through their cannabis journey

Making a great product is hard enough. Why not let me take writing off your plate and create great content with great SEO  to help attract visitors and guide them through your brand

Let's do more than just sell CBD, hemp or cannabis products. Let's show people that cannabis, and everything that goes along with it, is nothing to be afraid of. And let’s turn them into informed advocates, ready to spread the message.
You take care of business. I've got this.

​Ps. Google will love it too!